The Drawing Board

Here are a few behind the scenes pictures for anyone who may be curious.  My studio is far from “set-up”.  Haha.

Drawing Board 1

Drawing Board 2

Drawing Board 3

Drawing Board 4

Working on a page for a project called Days On End, written by Liam Boyle.  I’ll post more about this soon.

Drawing Board 5

A pull back to show the desk itself.  A very nice one with a transparent top.  I can actually use my lightbox right through the drawing surface, which is very nice.  Again you can see work for Days On End here including:  a character design for one of the main characters Dust, layouts for pages 2 through 5, and page 2 itself.  Also taped to the desk is a copy of an illustration that I had done as a gift for Tara McPherson awhile back when she was doing a signing at the record store I had been working at.

Drawing Board 6

Part of the floor of the studio.  This half showing all of the comics, graphic novels, and magazines that I’ve been reading/referencing lately.

Drawing Board 8


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