Days On End (The Beginning)

From here on out I hope to bombard you with work, progress, and updates from the comic book (possibly graphic novel?) DAYS ON END.  Days On End is a collaborative effort between myself and my good friend, Liam J. Boyle.  He supplies the story, while I supply the art.  We do, however, intervene in each others affairs as he designed and drew the logo and I have contributed ideas to the script and created the basis of the Winston character.  This is a project that we hope to get off the ground soon and pitch to as many companies as possible.  I have faith that our efforts will be rewarded.  I have some superstar talent reviewing my pages as I type this.

To sell it short, this is a comic about zombies.  But it is soooooo much more than that.  This is our story.  This is how people like us, our generation would react in the face of a crisis of this proportion.  Will our slacker generation have what it takes to pull itself together in order to conquer this or will they fall prey their own inflated sense of self worth and misguided  logic, tearing themselves apart in the process?  I’ll give you the tiniest of hints:  both Liam and myself hate happy endings.  But I’ll let Liam tell you about it in his own words whenever he gets around to it, this will, afterall, be written with his words.  So for now let me start with some of the major character designs.  The first three are a bit older (2007, I think.  We’ve been planning this for awhile!) and as such you can see a bit of a change in technique and style.  These characters will most likely evolve and change from what you see here.  Enjoy.

DUSTIN  aka  “DUST”  (1 of the 2 more focal characters):
Design- Dustin 1

WINSTON  (part 2 of the more focal characters):

Design- Winston 1

NATALIE  (Winston’s girlfriend):

Design- Natalie 1

MARLY  (Dust’s ex-girlfriend):

Design- Marly 1

EMERSON  (Marly’s current boyfriend and an EMT):

Design- Emerson 1

NOLAN  (Winston’s little brother):

Design- Nolan 1

NICK  (good friend to Dust and Winston):

Design- Nick 1

BETTIE  (Nick’s girlfriend):

Design- Bettie 1

DEAN & baby DEDALUS  (older friend of Dust and Winston and his baby):

Design- Dean 1

MADALINE  (Dean’s wife and mother of Dedalus):

Design- Madaline 1

WALLACE  (drug dealing duo part 2, the muscle):

Design- Wallace 1

And we’re just missing OBI and we’re pretty much up to date with all of the main characters from the first major story arc.



2 thoughts on “Days On End (The Beginning)

  1. Thanks! Yeah, that’s kind of what I was going for. In the comic the crazier and more hectic the scene is the messier it’s going to get!

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