Days On End: More Characters & Sketches


Dropped off with this project for a while and now we’ve finally got our steam back!

Here’s the splattered version of that previous Dust image I had posted.

And the same treatment for Winston.

Speaking of Winston, here’s a sketch page of me just working out different ideas.

From the left: Natalie, Winston, and Dust.  I randomly felt like coloring them, despite the fact that we’re not planning on coloring the book.

Another colored pic of a different trio (again from the left):  WallaceSparrow, & Obi.

Some random character sketches.  Clockwise from the top:  Marly, Nick, Sparrow, Dean & baby Deadalus, & a face-less Obi.

More sketches.  Clockwise from the top left:  Nolan, Dean, Madeline & baby Deadalus, & Bettie.


Now some preview sketches of charaters we’ve yet to introduce!  Sully.







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