What I’m Reading Now (Comics)

Here’s just a quick rundown of what comics I’m reading and why.

DC –

As a precursor to this section on DC let me first say that up until the “New 52” I wasn’t reading ANY DC titles.  Not one.  I’ve always been a Marvel guy.  The last one I had followed regularly was when they relaunched Batman & Robin with Morrison writing and Frank Quitely doing the art.  That was a great concept and held my attention for a bit before Quitely dropped off the book and DC started to disappoint me with some of the decisions they decided to make (more on this at another time).  Anyhow, I digress . . .

  • BATMAN –  The story is awesome.  It’s nice to see DC developing Gotham’s history more.  This story-line is helping.  The art is pretty meh for me, not a huge fan of Greg Capullo‘s stuff, but it serves the purpose.
  • BATMAN & ROBIN –  Probably one of the few must-read titles for me at the moment.  The writing is pretty fucking phenomenal.     This first arc is doing A LOT to make me actually care about Robin as a character.  Nobody is a fucking awesome villian with a great simplistic/realistic design and a back-story that fits him into the bat-mythos perfectly.  READ THIS BOOK!
  • BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED  –  I loved the Batman Beyond cartoon back when it was on TV, but honestly I’m pretty much buying this for Dustin Nguyen‘s art.
  • SUICIDE SQUAD  –  This wasn’t a title I thought I’d stick around on for as long as I have, but the writing is good enough that I continuously want to see what happens in the next issue.  Plus Deadshot is a pretty badass character.
  • DEATHSTROKE  –  I started buying this title simply because Deathstroke is just an awesome, well designed character.  And even more so in this New 52 version, cause how they upgraded his costume into armor and his mask into a helmet is great.  However, the story ended up worth reading as well and I’m still interested.
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE  –  I was buying this for Jim Lee‘s art.  Simple.  Now that he’s no longer on the book that’s one less book to buy.
  • AQUAMAN  –  This surprises even me.  But it’s damned good.  I’m actually interested in Aquaman!  The writing is good and always pokes fun at how nobody takes him seriously because his powers involve talking to animals.
  • ALL STAR WESTERN  –  Western story?  Check.  Jonah Hex?  Check.  Fleshing out Gotham’s history (at least in the current story arc)?  Check.  Amazing art by Moritat?  Check.


  • SPACEMAN  –   How could I possibly pass up a comic by the creative duo (trio if you count Dave Johnson‘s covers!) that created 100 Bullets, Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso?!  Interesting story concept and the dialogue (even though it makes you want to pull your hair out sometimes) is a really unique and refreshing touch.


  • UNCANNY X-FORCE  –  Let’s see team roster includes:  Wolverine, Deadpool, Fantomex, Psylocke, Archangel (well it USED to), and now AOA Nightcrawler.  Why WOULDN’T I be reading this book?!  The first two story arcs were AMAZING and really set up all the characters as well rounded, unique, and interesting.  The art has jumped around a lot, but for the most part has been fairly consistently good.  Rick Remender, the writer knows his characters.  And I’ve never read a funnier, but still insanely DARK Deadpool EVER.  Remender’s witty banter (all of the characters, actually, Fantomex and Wolverine especially) is well written and actually witty.  Although I’m not currently loving the current story-line . . .
  • WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN  –  I originally started getting this for Chris Bachalo‘s artwork, but it’s actually a really fun read, which is super rare for comics these days, let alone an X-Men comic, which are renowned for getting bogged down in their own mythos.  Plus even though the new artist, Nick Bradshaw, isn’t Bachalo his art’s still great and fits the story perfectly.
  • AVENGING SPIDER-MAN  –  Not only did Joe (MAD!) Madureira draw the first three issues (HEAVEN!), but Zeb Wells writes hands-down the best Spider-Man dialogue I’ve ever read.


  • SUPER CROOKS  –  Just picked up the first issue this week.  Story seems solid with a couple of really great scenes and amazing art by Leinil Yu.


  • THE STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHER STRODE  –  I don’t think I can ever say enough in praise for this book!  The art, by Tradd Moore, is great, very Romita-esque, but it’s the storytelling by Justin Jordan that really makes this title sing.  Throughout the book you can feel Jordan’s love for the comic book medium.  And he does whatever it takes to write a great story, much to many fans dismay (I’m not going to spoil it for you!).  READ THIS BOOK!
  • BUTCHER BAKER THE RIGHTEOUS MAKER  –  This is another book that when you’re reading it you can just feel this pulsing love for comics just under the surface (that was NOT a sexual reference and that was NOT what she said!).  Well, that and at the end of every issue the writer, Joe Casey, delves into his love of comics (and a lot of other things) in essay form!  And the art by Mike Huddleston is mind-blowingly good!  READ THIS BOOK!
  • PROPHET  –  Yes this IS a character Rob Liefeld (say what you will about the man, but A. We ALL loved his shit back in the 90’s, ALL OF US and B.  he fucking CREATED Cable AND Deadpool!) created, but no you WON’T recognize him!  I originally bought this book because I knew Brandon Graham was connected to it, and despite the fact that he is only writing it and not drawing it he’s still I creator I will forever support.  Turns out the book is fucking awesome (but I probably should’ve known based of how fucking awesome King City was, which Graham both wrote and drew)!  It’s super sci-fi and has a Heavy Metal/european comics vibe.  Very interesting and very good.  The art is awesome too, currently by Simon Roy, but I think this will change every couple of issues or so.  READ THIS BOOK!
  • GLORY  –  Same concept as above!  Rob Liefeld is really going all out as far as finding indie comic darlings and giving them free-reign over his characters!  This time Joe Keating is writing and Ross Campbell is taking care of the art.  So far so awesome!
  • REBEL BLOOD  –  Just began this week and it’s off to a good start.  Liking the artwork by Riley Rossmo.
  • SAGA  –  This is the new one written by Brian K. Vaughn.  That alone was why I picked up this book.  The art by Fiona Staples is great.  Story-wise . . . well after the first couple of pages I was NOT feeling it.  There’s a baby involved in the story and that alone is usually a huge turn-off for me. Haha.  Plus there were all these people with antlers and talk of people from the moon . . . it just wasn’t doing it for me, but I kept reading and by the end of the first issue he had me!  I don’t know what it was that turned me, his strength as I writer I suppose (or maybe it was those dudes with TV’s for heads!!! SO COOL! Very FLCL!), but all I know is I want to see where this goes.


  • CONAN THE BARBARIAN  –  Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan together AGAIN?!  Yes, please!  Becky is another creator I would follow anywhere and Wood is not far behind her.  Plus it’s fucking Conan!  READ THIS BOOK!

IDW  –

  • TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES  –  Always have been a TMNT fan, always will be.  As much as it may be sacrilege to say this as many are completely devoted to the original Mirage run, but this is my favorite version of the Turtles so far.  The new twist on the old origin story is perfect and all of the Turtles feel like different, individual characters.  Art is great too.  Also FUCK Michael Bay!


  • ADVENTURE TIME WITH FINN & JAKE  –  Huge fan of the show and the comic continues this.  Plus each issue has a back-up story done by a different artist with a different artistic take on the characters.  And I recently heard a podcast interview with the writer Ryan North and he is a funny motherfucker!

Phew!  I think that’s about it!


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