Inspiration Part 1

Last night a friend asked me who my artistic inspirations are as far as comics go.  I’m STILL pretty stumped.  Not that I don’t know who I like and who has inspired me, past and present, more that the task of compiling that list (and the fear of leaving someone out) is daunting.  This is a topic I want to delve into more in the future.  But for now I’ll share with you some videos on inking, which have really been inspiring me.  As someone who’s not a paid professional in this field (YET!) I’ve begun trying to constantly assault my brain with everything comics:  videos, blogs, podcast interviews, and of course actually reading comics in hopes that a deeper understanding of the art form will seep into my consciousness.  These videos have been part of this new “comics boot camp”.

Jeff Smith inking a panel from “Bone” and two from “Shazam: The Monster Society of Evil”:



Shazam 2

Nate Van Dyke KILLING this illustration:


Ashley Wood drawing like a maniac (whoever is recording is annoying as SHIT, though, so the mute button really helps this one) and not sure who the other guy is that’s shown drawing at the end, but the art LOOKS like Jamie Hewlett of  Tank Girl and Gorillaz fame:


Jim Mahfood aka FoodOne drawing:


Paul Pope leading a Con panel on inking:

Inking Panel

Mike Mignola Leading a Con panel on inking:

Inking Panel

Jim Lee inking a Heroes pin-up:

Inking Heroes



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