Justin Jordan & The Strange Talent Of Luther Strode

Remember when I was telling you what comics I’m currently reading and why?  Well, this comic was on that list.  The Strange Talent Of Luther Strode.

The writer of Days On End, Liam Boyle, and myself have been SLIGHTLY obsessed with this book since we both randomly decided to give it a try.  Texting back and forth about what happened in the most recent issue and where we thought the next would go!  So this past Saturday Liam and I ventured out to Billingham, MA to Friendly Neighborhood Comics, where the writer, Justin Jordan, was doing a signing.  I was scared that after being completely in love with this comic I would be completely UNDERWHELMED meeting the writer.  Thankfully I was wrong!  We spent nearly half and hour shooting the shit with Mr. Jordan, geeking out about his comic and getting advice on how to move forward with ours.  Great guy that Justin Jordan, he’s got my support hence forth.

The Strange Talent Of Luther Strode TPB comes out April 2012!  Get it!


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