Story-Yelling Process

So the writer for Days On End, Liam Boyle, just so happens to be in a band, The Old Edison.  Back in 2010 they released a new album, Story-Yelling.  It’s a solid album, really fleshed out and well done.  I can honestly say that even if I didn’t know the band I would listen to this album.  I’m still kind of surprised they were capable of such a polished piece of work.  Haha.  Jokes.  Seriously, though, kinda . . .

Anyhow, I did all of the artwork for the album.  I thought I would break down the process here.

So I started out with a bunch of sketches of random ideas I had after listening to the album a couple of times through.  I wrote down thoughts and ideas that we might incorporate into the cover.

After running these by the band they narrowed it down do a more specific idea, or rather a collection of ideas representing lyrics from various songs on the album.  I loosely penciled out the idea for the exterior cover with details and additional changes  noted and referenced around the sketch.

From that loose pencilled version I created finished inked version.

Here is the inside cover, which pretty much went from the small, loose sketch (seen in the first process shot) to clean inks directly.

Here is the printed Cd cover.

And the printed Cd interior.

And art for the actual Cd itself, which is a variation of their original logo (this one was just a super quick sketch that went directly into the inking stage).

And BOOM!  Done!

Go buy the album.


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