Larry Hama

Saturday I had the chance to meet a childhood hero of mine, Larry Hama, pretty much the driving creative force behind most of the characters in G.I. Joe!  He was the one who gave all these amazing characters their back stories.  He wrote all the issues of the G.I. Joe comic by Marvel (and drew a few as well)  as well as writing the filecards for most of the characters.

G.I. Joe was a HUGE establishing factor in my childhood.  Between myself, my brother, and my sister we had A LOT of the toys.  We even had the USS Flagg, G.I. Joe’s aircraft carrier!  We watched the show religiously and I even loved the original G.I. Joe movie (the one with Cobra-La and Sgt. Slaughter).  Heck, I STILL love that movie (I just don’t consider it canon)!  I didn’t discover the comic book until much later, but I was in love right away.

He was a very humble and quiet man.  I was very hungover.  Our interaction was brief, but enjoyable.  I gave him the drawing I had done of Scarlett back in 2009 as a thank you for all that G.I. Joe has given me.

It was a good day.


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