Free Comic Book Day!

So for free comic book day I was asked by the lovely Lulu Bonanza (not her real name!) to be one of the guest artists at the New England Comics in Allston, MA , alongside my super talented friend, Liz Siegel, aka TofuSquirrel!  This was my second year participating!


So with not much sleep, but still plenty of energy I sat down at a lovely folding table, complete with a Spider-Man tablecloth (Liz’s had a My Little Pony tablecloth), and while exchanging quips with Liz and talking nerd about the Avengers movie and Game Of Thrones, drew the day away.  I started out just drawing whatever I wanted.  But ended up with a couple requests.  Here are a couple:


Wonder Woman (for Lulu)

“A Big Guy with a Machine Gun” (Originally “a monkey!” Then “a monkey with a banana gun!” )

The Hulk fighting Daredevil

The Hidden Huntsman (an original character requested by the kids who commissioned me)

Deadpool (I just felt like drawing him!)

And I think that’s it.

“Dude, get over here quick!  This guy is a real comic book artist!  Hey, can you draw me a big guy with a machine gun?!”  This was the actual quote, which killed me.  How do you say no to that.  Also these kids had a lot of feedback about The Avengers (they LOVED Loki) and Game Of Thrones (when I showed them the House Stark patch on my jacket, but said I wished I had a House Greyjoy one instead I thought they were going to tear up the drawings I had done for them).  They were like a real life version of  The Goonies or the kids from Super 8.  They were super enthusiastic about comics and had started writing their own.  It made me very glad to see.

It was a fun day, I got some free comics out of the deal, got paid to draw comic characters, hang out with friends, and discuss nerdy things with strangers.  Pretty awesome.


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