Magic Hat Brewery Wall To Canvas Competition

Yesterday (Saturday August 25th) was the Magic Hat Brewery’s 3rd annual Wall To Canvas art competition in Burlington, VT.  Taken directly from their website:  “Wall to Canvas features twelve artists that are chosen from around the region for their style and creativity. Competing live, they each start with blank 4′ x 4′ canvases and finish with off-the-wall and into-your-home masterpieces!”  The event is designed to sponsor the Shelburne Craft School.  After the event each piece is auctioned off and the proceeds are split between the artist and the school.

Some of my supplies.

My ballot box.

The beginning of my piece.

My work continues

Sadly the judging of the art is skewed and a bit like a “high school prom” as one other competing artist put it.  The winner of the event is picked by popular vote, meaning that which ever artist can bring in the largest amount of people (families, friends, etc) will win.  Not being from VT and not knowing too many people from the area, my chances were very slim.  However my piece sold and helped to raise money for the craft school, so all is well.  It was interesting and fun and I’ll definitely do it again next year if given the chance.

Here’s an update with a few more photos, including the finished piece!


6 thoughts on “Magic Hat Brewery Wall To Canvas Competition

  1. Too bad you can’t send in votes. I would’ve voted from home!!!!! Your art is so freakin awesome!! At least it sold!!!

  2. So you are saying the winner was not deserving?? Your piece was awesome, as were many others! I disagree that people set themselves up for the win, I believe that the content and look is what made the win

    • No, no. I didn’t mean to imply that the artist who won didn’t deserve to win. In fact I was blown away by the quality of all the entries. But it’s my personal belief that popular voting in case such as this is seriously flawed. If Artist A gets five friends to come and Artist B gets thirty friends to come then Artist B is already twenty-five votes ahead, regardless of the merit of the art. Artist B’s thirty friends and family are there to support him/her no matter what. They are a biased vote. So therefore the more people you can bring in the higher your chance of winning. I think in competitions like this there should be a different way of determining a winner. Like maybe half popular vote, half deliberation by a panel of local trained artists.

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