— The Line —

Here’s the first official promo for another comic Liam and I are developing, a supernatural crime noir called The Line.  The Line takes places in a world were God and The Devil are most definitely real.  And the fulcrum between the two is Death.  Oh, you didn’t think we only did zombies did you?!!

This went through a couple different versions, because I was very unhappy with the previous versions.  I’ll show you all four.

Here’s the final promo image:

And here is the original image as I had first drawn it.  As you can see what it has in clarity of image it lacks in “punch” and energy.  I was pulled out too far (we don’t need to see his legs) and Death’s hand looks like shit.

The third and fourth versions I got the closeness I wanted, but the facial shading I was undecided on and it shows.  Also I was VERY unhappy with Death in both of these versions.


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