Convention Sketches

Various con sketches from over the years.

Imperator Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road:


Furiosa 2

Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens:

Kylo Ren

Jon Snow and Ghost from Game Of Thrones:

Jon Snow

Eleven (El) from Stranger Things:


The Driver from Drive:





Rex A Success, Instagram, FCBD, Boston Comic Con

Been a LONG time, so I’ve got a BUNCH of news to share.

First I’m now on Instagram, so you can go follow me there.  Of all the social media at my disposal, that’s the one I update the most because it’s easy to upload artwork straight from my phone.  Also I promise I won’t post pictures of food on there.  So go follow me:


So everyone knows about the insanity that happened in Boston a week or so ago.  Being born and raised in Massachusetts and having lived in the city for 10 years or so that obviously hit close to home.  I’m not going to get further into the subject, but I will say that I am sorry for anyone who suffered losses in the tragedy.

Due to that unforeseen circumstance the Boston Comic Con was postponed, but whenever the make up date is I’ll be there along with Liam.  So I’ll keep you all updated on that front.

For the third year in a row I’ll be drawing at the New England Comics Allston location for Free Comic Book Day.  I’ll be there from 10am to 5pm or so.  Although this will be my first year doing it without my art pal, Liz Siegel aka Tofusquirrel, my friend and other art pal, Logan Faerber, will be there with me!  So that’s pretty exciting!  I’ll have stickers to give away, prints to sell, and I’ll be drawing commissions for anyone who wants one (kids 10 and under get a free sketch), so make sure to visit if you’re in the area!


Finally the Kickstarter for our VERY FIRST comic book, REX NOCTURNUS, was a complete and utter SUCCESS!  We far surpassed our goal of $1,000 and brought in just under $6,500!  Very exciting!  Now you understand why I haven’t been around to update, too busy drawing, designing, and lettering a 40 page comic (30 of actual comic)!  To anyone who missed out on the KS, but still wants a copy, not to worry.  We’re printing a bunch so we’ll have them at any cons we attend (Boston, New York, and hopefully a few others) or you can email/message me and we can get them to you that way.


Here’s a Rex pin-up I did for the Rex Nocturnus Supplement.  I’ll have prints of this at FCD and any cons I make it to.

Charly Pin-Up (Web)

Here’s the Rex cover (sans title and creator names).

Cover Inks (Web)

And here’s a logo I made for the comic.

Sharkfighter Logo (Web)

Wish me luck on getting this comic done soon, I’d like to enjoy the Vermont wilderness now that spring is approaching!

Rex Nocturnus Kickstarter Is Live!

Facebook Header (Web)

So after numerous starts and stops working on comics together since 2007, Liam Boyle and I are finally ready to unveil our VERY FIRST (published) comic upon the world! But we need your help! Please help us by either donating to our Kickstarter or sharing it with your friends and families! It will be vastly appreciated and you’ll help us on our way to fulfilling or dreams! Thanks in advance!


Charly Promo (Web)

Aboard an aging vessel, the Ocatavia, helmed by Captain Grayson and a small, tight-knit crew, Charly lives the only life she can remember: the Hunt. For at a young age our heroine lost her father and half her left arm in a vicious shark attack. Haunted by the loss of the peaceful life she once knew, she replaced her missing hand with a harpoon gun  and has been trying to kill the beast ever since. But this is no ordinary shark, this is Rex Nocturnus. “The King” is a legend in this part of the world, feared by all who’ve so much as dipped a toe in the drink.  Thought of as a god, the great black shark is whispered to have been roaming the seas for eons.  Rex Nocturnus has long been deemed un-killable, a rumor led a large amount of credibility by the scores of broken, rusted harpoons sticking out of it’s back. But you just can’t tell some girls “no”. . .

Page 1 Panels 2-3

Page 2 Panel 1

Page 2 Panel 4

Page 4 Panel 3

REX NOCTURNUS is a one-shot 5.5″ x 8.5″ comic book by writer Liam Boyle and artist Scott K. Monteiro.  Rex Nocturnus is the story of Charly: an antagonistic, seafaring girl and her dogged attempts to destroy the giant shark, Rex Nocturnus, that ruined her life.

Titles (Web)

TofuSquirrel Collab

In my continued effort to be a better (read: more frequent) blogger I’d like to share a collaboration piece I did with my friend, the illustrious TofuSquirrel (aka Elizabeth Siegel).  We met up a few days before I left Boston for VT and spent a couple of hours drawing and hanging out.  She’s a good egg.

TofuSquirrel Collab 1 (Web)

I drew the girl and Liz added all of the background and the details on her (piercing, tattoos, shading, etc).  We did another one, but I don’t know what became of it.